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Some Indian cities are known for their age old civilization while others

for their modernity and development. There are others that lift people's heart with their absolute simplicity and harmony.
Festivals in India are characterized by color, gaiety,enthusiasm,
prayers and rituals. Religious ceremonies, enthusiasm paralleled with ample fun and celebration all marks the Indian festivals. Festivals of India plays a major role in spreading unity in diversity, with emphasis on communal harmony. Famous festivals in India are joyously celebrated all over the country.
Long grain Rice 3 cups
Cooked long grain rice (Choru) 1 cup
Coconut milk 1 cup 
Water As reqd
Salt 1 tbsp
Sugar 2 tbsp
Yeast 1 tbsp
Luke warm water As reqd to dissolve yeast
Milk ¼ cup
  1. Grind together long grain rice and cooked rice very well with coconut milk and enough water, to make a batter of dripping consistency :- Make sure not to make the batter too watery.
  2. Pour this in a vessel.
  3. Dissolve yeast in a little lukewarm water and add sugar. Mix well.
  4. Add this to the batter and stir it well.
  5. Place this in a warm place overnight for fermentation.
  6. Add salt and milk and mix well.
  7. Make appams on an appakara.
  8. Serve hot.
Raw Rice 1 kg
Black Gram 400 gm
Salt As reqd
  1. Wash and soak rice and black gram for 4-6 hours. Grind and keep aside for nearly 8 hours.
  2. Put required salt and water, mix it together. Heat the frying pan and apply oil on it.
  3. Pour one ladle mixture on the frying pan and spread it evenly. When it turns brown, turn the side and cook well.
Raw Rice(Pachari) 1/2 kg
Coconut 1/2 of one
Water to sprinkle
Salt As reqd
  1. Soak rice in water for 4 hrs.
  2. Leave it to drain and grind it to make fine powder.
  3. Heat the powder for 5 minutes. While heating it, keep on stirring.
  4. Keep the fried powder to cool.
  5. Mix salt with water and sprinkle this to the powdered rice just to make the powder wet(do not put a lot of water).
  6. For making puttu, use PUTTUKUTTI. Put a handful of grated coconut in the puttukutty and then put rice powder till half followed by another handful of grated coconut. This is done till the top. Close the lid and steam it for 2 minutes.

    Note : Instead of making puttu powder, you can use rice flour (1 cup) instead and follow the same procedure to make it.
Karimeen(Fish) 1/2 Kg
Coconut oil 2 tbsp
Mustard seeds 1tbsp
Curry leaves A few
Onion (chopped) 1/4 kg
Ginger (chopped) 1 big piece
Green chillies (chopped) 4 nos
Fenugreek(Uluva) powder 1/2 tbsp
Turmeric powder 1/2 tbsp
Tamarind(Kudam puli) 2 small pieces
Thick coconut milk 1/2 cup
Thin coconut milk 1 cup
Salt As reqd
  1. Clean the fish and cut it into medium sized slices.
  2. Heat oil in a pan.
  3. Splutter mustard seeds.
  4. Saute curry leaves, chopped onion, ginger and green chillies till onions become soft.
  5. Add turmeric powder, salt, kudam puli and 1 cup coconut milk (IInd extract) and bring it to boil.
  6. Add the fish pieces and cook it well.
  7. When the fish gets cooked and the gravy becomes half, reduce the flame and add the Ist extract of coconut milk (thicker one) and fenugreek powder.
  8. Just mix the dish by rotating the pan and remove it from fire.
    :- Serve hot.
    :- Don`t allow the dish to boil after adding the Ist extract of coconut milk. You can use King fish(Neimeen) or Pompfret(Avoli) instead of Karimeen in this recipe.
Chicken (skinned, bone-in or deboned) 1 kg
Potato (peeled and cubed) 200 gm
Red chilly powder 2 tbsp
Coriander powder 2 tbsp
Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
Tomato (diced) 2 nos
Shallots(Kunjulli) (sliced) 2 cups
Green chillies (diced) 4 nos
Ginger (finely chopped) 1” piece
Garlic pods (finely chopped) 6 nos
Curry leaves A few
Black pepper powder 1 tbsp
Yoghurt/Curd ½ cup
Coconut milk 1 cup
Oil (preferably coconut oil) ½ cup
Cardamom(Elakka) 3 nos
Cloves(Grambu) 3 nos
Cinnamon(Karugapatta) 2 sticks
Fennel seeds(Perinjeerakam) 1 tsp
Mustard seeds 1 tsp
Salt As reqd
Coriander leaves for garnishing
  1. Cut chicken into medium size pieces.
  2. Marinate in yoghurt for about half an hour.
    :- Personally, I feel bone-in chicken gives the curry a better flavour.
  3. Heat oil in a pan.
  4. Splutter mustard seeds.
  5. Saute the shallots, green chillies, ginger, garlic and curry leaves, until the shallots are clear.
  6. Add red chilly powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder and black pepper and saute for a few more mins.
  7. Add the marinated chicken and salt and saute, until the chicken changes color.
  8. Add enough water to cover the chicken.
  9. Cover and allow it to cook.
  10. While the chicken is cooking, saute the potatoes and the tomatoes in another pan.
  11. Add it to the curry and continue cooking it with the lid on.
  12. Dry roast cardamom, fennel, cinnamon and cloves.
  13. Grind them together into a smooth paste and add it to the curry and cook with the lid off.
  14. Once the gravy gets a little thicker, add the coconut milk.
  15. Remove from flame.
  16. Garnish with coriander leaves.
    :- Serve with any of the Indian breads or rice.
Pomphret or any fish 2 lbs
Tomato 2 nos
Whole red chillies 10 nos
Onion(large) 1 no
Garlic pods 5 nos
Pepper(crushed) As reqd
Turmeric powder ¼ tsp
Green chillies 5 nos
Coconut milk 1 cup
Salt As reqd
Curry leaves 2 stems
Ginger 1 inch piece
Oil 2 tbsp
Lemon juice 3 tsp
  1. Clean the fish and cut into 1 inch pieces.
  2. Crush the red chillies with garlic and keep it aside.
  3. Slice the onion thinly.
  4. Cut the green chillies lengthwise.
  5. Chop the ginger.
  6. Put the oil in a cooking pan and sauté the onions and green chillies for five minutes.
  7. Then, add the crushed pepper, garlic and ginger. Fry for 3 minutes until the smell of chillies come out.
  8. Add the coconut milk, turmeric powder and let it boil.
  9. Then, add the fish and salt. Cook well.
  10. Next, add the tomato pieces and cook for 5 minutes.
  11. Finally, add the lemon juice and curry leaves.
    :-Serve hot with rice and bread.
  For Dosa
Rice - preferably parboiled 2 Cups
Split and husked Black Gram - soaked     with rice for 5-6 hours
1/2 Cup
Fenugreek Seeds 1/2 tsp
Oil to smear the pan for cooking the dosas
Salt 2 tsp
For Masala
Potatoes - boiled, peeled and cubed 500 gm (3 cups)
Onions - sliced not very thin 1 1/2 cups
Powdered Turmeric 1/4 tsp
Green chillies - chopped coarsely     (optional) 2-3
Curry leaves or 1/2 tsp dried curry leaves 6-7
Oil 2 tbsp
Mustard seeds 1 tsp
Salt 2 tsp
Water 1/2 cup
    Dosa shell
  1. Separately soak rice and urad dal at least 6 hour or overnight in water.
  2. Grind to paste.
  3. Mix together, add salt with water to make batter.
  4. Leave in room temperature overnight.
  5. Mix onion and chilies to the thin batter.
  6. Heat pan or griddle with little ghee or oil.
  7. Spread the mix on pan in circular motion to make thin Dosa.
  8. Cook on both the sides, if desired.
    Masala Filling
  9. Heat oil. Add mustard seed, peas, onions and spice.
  10. Fry for about 5 minutes on medium heat or/until onions are turned into golden brown
  11. Add potatoes and mix and cook some more Serve
  12. Add filling inside Dosa and roll. Serve hot with Chutney.
Duck 2 kg
Coriander powder 2 1/2 tbsp
Red chilly powder 1 1/2 tbsp
Black pepper 1 tsp
Ginger paste 1 1/2 tbsp
Garlic paste 1/2 tsp
Garam masala 1 tbsp
Turmeric powder 1 tsp
Curry leaves 2 big stems
Salt As reqd
Onions(medium) (cut into thin slices) 6 nos
Coconut oil 1/2 cup
Potato(medium) 2 nos
  1. Skin the duck and make sure there is not much fat left, on the duck.
  2. Cut the duck into medium pieces and wash and soak them in a generous amount of salt and turmeric powder. Keep it for a while..
  3. Heat half a cup of oil in a pressure cooker.
  4. Add onions and sauté them until slightly brown in colour.
  5. Lower the heat and add the ginger garlic paste and peppercorn (whole or crushed) and sauté.
  6. Make a paste of the coriander powder, chilly powder, garam masala and salt and add them to the onion mixture and sauté them until the oil separates.
  7. Wash the meat in water and squeeze out the excess water or strain it for 5 minutes.
  8. Add the meat to the masala and cook on low fire, until the water begins to separate. This should take about 10 minutes.
  9. The water should be enough to cook the meat. If not, add about 1 to 1 ½ cup of hot water and pressure cook until you hear about 3 to 4 whistles, on high heat.
  10. Lower the flame and keep it for another 10 minutes.
    :- If you are making in an open vessel, it’s important to cook on medium heat for first 15 minutes and then again on low heat for another 20 minutes, or until the meat is tender.
  11. Make sure that you leave enough gravy.
  12. Garnish with coriander leaves and fried potato wedges.
Crab 1/2 kg
Cumin seeds 1 tsp
Pepper 2 tsp
Chilli powder 1/2 tsp
Onion, chopped 2
Tomato, chopped 1
Garlic flakes 5
coconut grated 4 tsp
salt As reqd
Oil 3 tbsp
Turmeic powder 1 tsp
Coriander leaves (chopped) 2 tsp
  1. Heat a little oil and saute the onions (1 chopped), garlic and cumin seeds.
  2. Grind these spices with turmeric powder, pepper, chilli powder and grated coconut to make fine paste.
  3. Fry the onions in oil till light brown. Now add the tomato and cook on medium flame for 3-4 minutes.
  4. Add the crabs and stir well. Fry for a while until there is a change in color on the crab shells.
  5. Add the ground masala and cook the crab curry for a minute.
  6. Pour 1 1/2 cups of water, and boil, covered and cook the crab curry on medium heat for 15 minutes.
  7. Turn off the heat when crab curry thickens.
  8. Sprinkle the coriander leaves on top before serving.
  9. Now spicy Indian crab curry recipe is ready. Serve with rice.
    Pour 1 1/2 cups of water, and boil, covered and cook the crab curry on medium heat for 15 minutes.
    Enjoy and let me know if you got it right.
Tiger/Medium prawns(Chemmeen) 50 - 60 nos
Aniseeds(Perinjeerakam) 1 tbsp
Cumin seeds(Jeerakam) 1 tsp
Grated coconut 1 cup
Chilly powder 1 1/2 tsp
Salt As reqd
Small onions 7 - 8 nos
Curry leaves (approx. one handful) 10 sprigs
Coconut oil 3 tbsp
  1. Clean the prawns.
  2. Grind together aniseeds, cumin seeds, coconut, chilly powder, salt and small onions to a paste.
  3. Marinate the prawns with the above paste and refrigerate it for an hour.
  4. Heat 3 tbsp of oil in a frying pan,
  5. Add 4 - 5 sprigs of curry leaves.
  6. Add the marinated prawns to the pan and stir it continuously to avoid getting it burnt at the bottom of the pan.
  7. Close the pan occasionally with a lid, in order to cook the prawns.
  8. Add more curry leaves and stir it regularly, till the prawns are covered with the masala.
    :-Serve with white rice.
Beef 1 kg
Dry red chillies(Kollamulaku) 8 nos
Coriander seeds 3 tsp
Black Pepper 1 tsp
Cinnamon (Karugapatta) (small) 2 pieces
Cloves(Grambu) 4 nos
Cumin seeds (Jeerakam) 1 tsp
Pearl onions (Kunjulli) 1 cup
Onions(big) 2 nos
Garlic pods (small) 10 nos
Ginger 1 big piece
Green chillies 2 nos
Tomatoes 2 nos
Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
Coconut oil As reqd
Salt As reqd
Curry leaves 1 stem
Coriander leaves 2 stem
  1. Heat oil in a frying pan.
  2. Fry the dry red chillies and keep aside.
  3. Fry coriander seeds, till its aroma comes out and keep aside.
  4. Fry black pepper, cinnamon sticks, cloves and cumin seeds together and set aside.
  5. Stir fry pearl onions, till they turn brown.
  6. Blend all these fried ingredients in a mixer grinder.
  7. Pressure cook chopped beef with turmeric powder, salt and the blended mixture.
  8. Stir fry onions in the pan, till brown followed by green chillies, crushed garlic and ginger and chopped tomatoes.
  9. Add these to the cooked beef and boil well.
  10. When the curry turns brown, turn off the flame.
  11. Garnish with curry leaves, coriander leaves and a spoon of coconut oil.
    :- Serve hot.
Mutton (clean and cut it into small pieces) 1 kg
Onion (sliced) 2 nos
Tomato (chopped) 2 nos
Dried red chillies 15 nos
Garlic bulb 2 nos
Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder 1 tbsp
Ginger 2 pieces
Coconut (grated and ground) 2 tbsp
Cloves(Grambu) 4 nos
Cinnamon(Karugapatta) 2 nos
Oil 3 tbsp
Cumin seeds(Jeerakam) 1 tsp
Poppy seeds(Khashakhasha)(roasted and    ground) 2 tbsp
  1. Grind coriander seeds, cumin seeds and red chillies.
  2. Heat oil in a pressure cooker.
  3. Fry whole garam masala.
  4. Add chopped onions and continue frying till golden brown.
  5. Add coriander paste and fry well.
  6. Add ginger and garlic and continue to fry.
  7. Add mutton pieces and fry some more.
  8. Add a teaspoon turmeric, tomatoes, and coconut and fry for 5 mins.
  9. Add salt and 2 cups of water.
  10. Close the lid and cook for 15 minutes.
  11. Garnish with coriander leaves.
    :- Serve hot.
Coconut Grated 1 cup
Red Chillies(dry) 2 nos
Mustard seeds 1 tsp
Urad dal 2 tsp
Tamarind (dry) 1 small piece
Salt to taste
Sugar 1 tsp
Hing 1 tsp
Oil 1 tbsp
  1. Grate the Coconuts. paste.
  2. In a pan heat the oil and add 1 tsp of urad dal and chillies. Fry for a minute. Let it cool completely. Add tamarind, sugar, hing and coconut and grind it to a fine past
  3. Do the seasoning with the other tsp of urad dal , mustard seeds in a tsp of oil.
Red gram(Thuvaraparippu) 1 cup
Yellow pumpkin(Mathanaga) 250 gm
Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
Chilly powder As reqd
Coconut 1/2 of one
Cumin seeds(Jeerakam) A little
Mustard seeds 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves A few
Dry red chillies 2 - 3 nos
Coconut oil As reqd
Salt As reqd
  1. Pressure cook red gram and yellow pumpkin together with turmeric powder and chilly powder.
  2. Blend coconut and jeera and add this to the pressure cooked yellow pumpkin and parippu and mix well.
  3. Cook on low flame for a while.
  4. Add salt as required.
  5. Next, season with mustard seeds, curry leaves and red chillies.
  6. Pour some coconut oil on top and cover it with a lid so as not to lose the flavour.
Rice flour(Ari podi) (dry roasted and sieved) 2 cups (400 g)
Boiling water As reqd
Salt As reqd
Oil A little
  1. Add boiling water and salt to the flour and knead to a soft dough.
  2. Divide it into small balls and keep aside.
  3. Lightly grease the idiappam press mould and put in one portion of the dough. Press out the dough to form small circular mounds (resembling thin noodles) onto each of the iddiappam stands.
  4. Steam for about 10 minutes till the idappam is cooked. (A pressure cooker, without the weight, can be used for steaming. An idli stand is a good substitute for the idiappam stands.)
Fish 250 gm
Tamarind(Puli) A small ball in hot water
Onions (big) (sliced) 1 no
Tomato(big) (sliced) 1 no
Curry leaves A small bunch
Red Chilly powder 3 tsp
Coriander powder 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
Fenugreek(Uluva) powder 1/4 tsp
Coconut oil 2 tbsp
Ginger 1/2" piece
Garlic pods 4 nos
Salt As reqd
Mustard seeds A Pinch
Fenugreek seeds(Uluva) A pinch
  1. Clean the fish, drain and keep aside.
  2. Mix together the red chilly powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, and fenugreek powder with little water, to make a smooth paste..
  3. Heat oil in a pan.
  4. Add mustard seeds and when they start spluttering, add fenugreek seeds followed by the sliced onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, curry leaves and the paste and fry till the oil separates.
    :- u could use a cup of small onions instead of big onions.
  5. Add a tsp of vinegar if desired. ( optional)
  6. Add tamarind extract and check the level of sourness.
  7. When the water starts boiling, add the fish pieces and salt.
  8. Add enough water to cover the pieces.
  9. Cook on a gentle heat.
  10. When the pieces are almost cooked, increase the heat and cook till the gravy thickens and the oil is visible.
    :- Serve hot with rice.
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