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Some Indian cities are known for their age old civilization while others for their

modernity and development. There are others that lift people's heart with their absolute simplicity and harmony.
Festivals in India are characterized by color, gaiety,enthusiasm,
prayers and rituals. Religious ceremonies, enthusiasm paralleled with ample fun and celebration all marks the Indian festivals. Festivals of India plays a major role in spreading unity in diversity, with emphasis on communal harmony. Famous festivals in India are joyously celebrated all over the country.
India is blessed with number of world heritage monuments
showcasing the breathtaking architecture and intricate work. Taj Mahal, a unique master-piece is the wonder in itself, an absolute epitome of Indian culture, heritage and civilization. Behind each monument is an underlying sense of mystery, intrigue and romance.
The barren and semi-arid regions of Thar Desert stand divided between
India and Pakistan. An enormous stretch of hot sand mountains, Thar Desert yields sal and gypsum. The very little rainfall and severe climate makes it an ideal desert experience. To tap it all the people are warm and gracious and ever ready to amuse the guests with their folk dance and music performances in their distinctive colorful dresses, camel and elephant rides.


India is an unbelievable country with a very affluent and varied natural and cultural legacy. This mystic land is blessed with diverse climatic conditions and varied geographical patterns. India is mainly talked in terms of North India and South India as there are marked differences between South and North.

India an exotic, charming and memorable vacation destination with the pristine hill-stations, golden beaches, extensive backwaters, majestic forts & shrines and a great holiday ambiance. Come discover and explore this wonderful peninsular subcontinent that is India!!!
Welcome to A 4 U India Holidays, one of Kerala’s premier & Tour Operator Company, organizing Leisure & Adventure jaunts, both packages and tailor made, Hotel Booking, Airlines Tickets etc. for individual and groups. A 4 U India Holidays welcomes you to a world of incredible experiences! We offer the travelers competitive prices for trips.Apart from our packages we can also suggest tailor-made trip as per your requirements and budget.
Taj Mahal- the tomb of the Mughal Empress Mumtaz Mahal is undeniably one of the most stunning buildings one has ever seen. Located at the city of Agra in the State of Uttar Pradesh , the Taj Mahal is one of the most striking masterpieces of architecture in the world. As one enters in, we would be flabbergasted by the white marble wonder.

The Backwater Destination in Kerala India refers to numerous waterways initiating in the coastal region including rivers, lakes, lagoons and natural canals. These charming backwaters are known for their serene surroundings and attractive splendor. Picturesque small villages lying close to these backwaters are of great attraction for tourists.


India alongside its 7000 km of shoreline, takes pride of possessing numerous stunning beaches. The peaceful milieu with copious foliage around is just ideal to unwind and revive the exhausted self. Beach tours in India offer one and all ample things to enjoy – solitude, action and fun. Beaches of India offer much more than white sand beaches, crystal clear surf and stunning sunsets.  


India is a country both rich and varied in flora and fauna. Out of the total land area of India , less than 4% of land is under forest cover. The geographical and climatic conditions of India have made it home of several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. There are about 482 wildlife sanctuaries and 90 national parks in India , which make India one of the 12-mega diversity areas in the world.


Indian cuisine is gaining popularity around the globe. Easy to prepare, tasty and it's mainstay grains, lentils and vegetable dishes is allowing Indian cuisine to gain popularity all over the world. Today, many people want a balance of both protein and carbohydrates. Indian cuisine offers the health promoting properties of various herbs, ginger and spices, as well as a well-balanced diet.


India is well-known for its ancient knowledge of Yoga all over the world since time immemorial. Yoga is the art of transforming the static body to the level of lively mind sequentially to join your body and mind with the quietness of the self or soul. Yoga is highly applicable in the modern day context. With anxiety and pressure becoming a part of our daily life, ‘Yoga’ enables us to achieve self-realization in a efficient and orderly manner


Ayurveda is a faultless ancient science. Ayurveda, a word that nearly interprets as the "science of life" has been one of the main attractions of India . Right from the greens of Kerala to the sacred confines of Rishikesh, Ayurveda tours will take you to several places around the whole country.

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  Amazing Dubai – Desert Safaris
  19N 20D Package
  Golden Triangle, Kerala & Goa
  Golden Triangle, Kerala & Goa
  14N 15D Package
  Go... Goa & Kerala
  Exotic Kerala Packages
  12N 13D Package
  Week Plus Holiday in Kerala
  Spiritual, Cultural & Magical Holidays
  8N 9D Package
  Exotic Kerala Packages
  Week Plus Holiday in Kerala
  10N 11D Package
  Amazing Dubai – Desert Safaris
  12N / 13D Package
  Exciting Kerala Malabar & Goa
  Go... Goa & Kerala
  10N / 11D or 17N / 18D      Southern Splendour
  Kerala Ayurveda Packages with   pleasure   Trip
  2N 3D Package      Exotic South Packages
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