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Some Indian cities are known for their age old civilization while others for their

modernity and development. There are others that lift people's heart with their absolute simplicity and harmony.
Festivals in India are characterized by color, gaiety,enthusiasm,
prayers and rituals. Religious ceremonies, enthusiasm paralleled with ample fun and celebration all marks the Indian festivals. Festivals of India plays a major role in spreading unity in diversity, with emphasis on communal harmony. Famous festivals in India are joyously celebrated all over the country.
India is blessed with number of world heritage monuments
showcasing the breathtaking architecture and intricate work. Taj Mahal, a unique master-piece is the wonder in itself, an absolute epitome of Indian culture, heritage and civilization. Behind each monument is an underlying sense of mystery, intrigue and romance.
The barren and semi-arid regions of Thar Desert stand divided between India and Pakistan . An enormous stretch of hot sand mountains, Thar Desert yields sal and gypsum. The very little rainfall and severe climate makes it an ideal desert experience. To tap it all the people are warm and gracious and ever ready to amuse the guests with their folk dance and music performances in their distinctive colorful dresses, camel and elephant rides. The sand dunes, spiky bushes, arid thirsty fields, wrecked rocks along with regal forts & palaces and oasis that rise from the desolate backdrop like a illusion makes Rajasthan a favoured place for the tourists to visit.
About Thar Desert
The mighty Thar Desert, also sometimes sobriquet the Great Indian Desert, is located in the western part of India mostly in the state of Rajasthan and extending to parts of Haryana, Punjab and Gujarat. Bounded by river Sutlej on the northwest, Aravali range on the east, Rann of Kutch on the south and river Indus on the west, the sprawling sands cover an area of about 200,000 sq. km. The salt marsh known as the Rann of Kutch is often included as a part of the great desert making its total area variable. The golden sands of the Thar cover over three-fifths of the total area of the entire state of Rajasthan.
Origin of Thar Desert
The exact origin and the reasons of forming of the desert are a subject of debate and people believe it to be around 4000 to 10,000 years old with others having the opinion that the area may have turned into a desert relatively recently around 2000 to 1500 B.C. Ghaggar river, which now terminates into the desert, is believed to have been a major river during that time with climatic changes playing a hand in drying it up and subsequently turning the region into an arid desert.
Major Cities in Thar Desert
Jaisalmer :- Also known as the Golden city, Jaisalmer, situated in the western Indian state of Rajasthan is known for its close proximity to the Thar Desert. Desert safari in the endless sand dunes of Jaisalmer is an unforgettable and a must try experience. Other famous attractions of the city include the mammoth Jaisalmer Fort, which unlike many other forts in India is a living fort and houses several shops, hotels and age old havelis of tourist interest inside its towering ramparts.
Bikaner :- Bikaner is exactly what you would expect a desert city to be like. Its close proximity to the Thar Desert and endless courses of imposing palaces, richly sculptured temples and fine creations of Rajput civilisation make it a complete vacationing experience. The major tourist attractions of the place include the Junagarh Fort, Lallgarh Palace, Prachina Museum, Laxminath temple and the ancient havelis.
Camel Safari
The best way to acquaint yourself with the diversities of the desert is to become a part of it and camel safari is the ideal way to do it. Travel to the interiors of the desert and witness charming little villages and the amazing hospitality of people in trying conditions. Camp at night under the star lit sky and have local food cooked on makeshift stoves made of wood and amazing experience.
Jeep Safari
Big open roofed jeeps are a wonderful way of experiencing the life of Rajasthan, especially during the winter months when the warm rays of sun amidst the cool breeze makes for a heady combination. Jeep safari makes travelling on rough roads easy and helps the traveller explore things as less developed tribal regions, tiny villages, ruins of ancient forts and temples.
Sand Dunes
Created by the games of wind, the sand dunes of Rajasthan have an amazing charm about them that can even overshadow its most amazing forts and palaces. Often visitors with less time on their hand prefer to witness the beauty of these endless sand dunes to that of the numerous historic structures. The best way to explore the sand dunes around Jaisalmer is to take a camel or jeep safari.
Quaint Villages
A typical Rajasthani village is difficult to spot till one actually gets there. The simplest of villages with the most basic forms of civilisation have probably remained unchanged for years and present a lifestyle which is totally laid back and untouched by the more modern cities around. The hospitality of the villagers towards the guests is amazing considering the harsh climatic conditions the people here are subject to.
Stay At
Staying options at Jaisalmer range from budget hotels to luxury resorts. Besides, if you opt for a camel safari package stretching over a few days, then you get to spend the night at desert camps and local villages while sleeping under a star lit sky and being treated by the most basic amenities. Some of the quality hotels at Jaisalmer include Rajwansh Resorts, Hotel Narayan Niwas Palace, Hotel Heritage Inn, Fort Rajwada and Hotel Deoki Niwas Palace.
Getting There and Moving Around
By Air :- A domestic airport is located just 5 km from the city but is mostly used for military purposes, other than the months of September to March when domestic passenger flights are also operational. Another nearest airport is located at Jodhpur which is conveniently connected with cities like Jaipur, Mumbai and Delhi. The international visitors are advised to fly to Delhi and catch a flight or train to Jaisalmer from there.
By Rail :- Jaisalmer Railway Station is located just 5 km out of the city. Regular trains such as the IJPJ Exp. and the Jodhpur Exp. are available between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, a convenient overnight journey. A daily train between Delhi and Jaisalmer is the DLI JSM Exp., departing from Delhi station at 17:45 and reaching Jaisalmer at 13:00, the next day. Another option is to travel by the luxury Palace on Wheels for which we can get you advance bookings.
By Road :- The bus stand at Jaisalmer is located just outside the railway station. State transport buses ply regularly between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Barmer, Mount Abu, Jalore etc.
Moving Around :- When hiring an unmetered means of commutation, be sure to bargain and if possible get a prior idea of fares. Another way of travelling inside the city is to hire a bicycle which can be hired from places like Gandhi Chowk. Jeeps can also be hired from here.
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